Committee Charge

Fall, 2013

The President’s Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility exists to provide advice and guidance to the President’s Office to help ensure that the University maintains its position as a leader among institutions of higher education committed to the protection and advancement of CSR policies that reflect respect for fundamental human rights, environmental sustainability, and the dignity of all people.

  1. Examine our relationships with other universities, national and international organizations, and others, to determine how we can work together to best meet our common objectives. This would include our relationship with the University’s contracted licensing agency (The Collegiate Licensing Company – CLC) regarding corporate social responsibility in the production of officially licensed products utilizing the indicia (work marks and logos) of the University.
  2. Regularly monitor the on-going corporate social responsibility efforts of the Workers Rights Consortium and the Fair Labor Association and recommend University action in response, as appropriate.
  3. Encourage and support academic research in this area to advance the understanding of global labor issues throughout the University community.
  4. Encourage and support community awareness of corporate social responsibility and action through a variety of means, including curricular development, facilitation of dialogue among university related groups, and ongoing communication.
  5. Respond to emerging issues related to CSR within the University community and advise the President’s Office with respect to such issues and potential responses.